I am Kim, wife and mom to 3 awesome kids. Our oldest has a devastating genetic neurological disorder called CDKL5 named after well the CDKL5 gene. She has changed everything about our lives. Loving a child who doesn’t talk back (never said a word at all), doesn’t throw tantrums for toys at Target and has seizures every day of her life makes a person find something deep in them they never knew existed. Along with loving her we have a feisty, sassy, drama loving daughter who suffers from not understanding the word no. Loving a child who does talk back, tantrums for toys and is as healthy as a horse is a whole different world from your first child who does none of the above yet she has been the best unexpected gift we’ve ever received. Lastly is our boy. The golden child some may say. He has a sense of humor that shines beyond his lack of communication skills. Speech therapy and swimming. The boy is filled with energy that never ceases and still loves to cuddle his mama.

Although I have blogged for 10 years now, started with my pregnancy with Lily and then it evolved as her condition evolved, I do have other things to share besides the seizures and the disease I despise and have vowed to see cured. Hence here I am now. As a blogspot user for many years I have been crushing on WordPress but never imagined making the switch. I have decided I can have the best of both worlds, have my cake and eat it to. Lily’s blog is http://lilyannablu.blogspot.com and here now I share our lives. Our lives beyond DNA and mutated genes.

I am starting by sharing our most intimate part of our lives and that is our marriage. A bumpy road we are traveling, together. I want to share how we have survived the bumps and how we enjoy the smooth patches. Life is what we make of it.

Nordy Party of 5

“Picture Perfect” Ha!


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